What to Expect at Blue Mountain this Ski Season

By: Greg Syrota Team

What to Expect at Blue Mountain this Ski Season

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Blue Mountain is implementing different rules this year to control traffic to and around the resort. Pass holders will have access to the resort, as will a limited number of single-day users, providing they reserve in advance. It’s important to note that walk-up ticket wickets will be closed this year.

Blue’s plans for this winter are to increase places where people can access services and gather outdoors, safely expanding upon the outdoor dining opportunities created this summer.

Skiers and snowboarders can expect to see more protected areas throughout the resort’s property, including sheltered patio spaces, outdoor structures and tents equipped with heaters. Winter plans will include offering food and beverage areas and rental facilities outside of the built structures.

Masks will continue to be required where there might be groups of people, such as in the lift lines, as well as indoors. In addition there will be an emphasis on physical distancing, hand washing and hygiene.

Skiers and boarders are encouraged to arrive equipped ready to hit the slopes.

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